List of things I never thought I would do: Make an Instagram account people actually follow: check. Make a podcast: check. Write a blog: check? I guess I’m trying some new things over the past year and you know what? I’m not mad about it!

So here we are. If you’re reading this, you probably listen to my podcast, the Kennedy Dynasty Podcast. The reason I’ve decided to write a blog to go along with it, is because I try to make the podcast less of my thoughts or opinions on certain Kennedy related subjects, and solely facts. But, in doing that, I receive MANY questions about what I actually think about things. 

So, here… I’ll answer them.

Now, as you can probably already tell, I am NOT a writer. I actually was the student in college that would struggle constantly to meet word counts… taking sentences such as, “The sky is blue.” and making it a ridiculous, “The sky high and above the ground is a shade of light blue as I look upon it from down below.” Stupid? Yes. Would I meet the word count? Hell yes. C’s get degrees, my friends— I am living proof.

So, I will try my best to not be annoying and long winded. Also, as I stated above, this will be opinion based. If you don’t agree with my opinions, that is totally okay! Part of what I find fascinating about some of the debatable parts of the Kennedy family history is the myriad of different takes and opinions, and that’s what makes the discussions fun. So, don’t get mad if you don’t agree, take what I say here with a grain of salt, and feel free to make comments if you have different opinions in the comment section— I want to hear your thoughts, too!

Also, if you find yourself here before you’ve found the podcast, check it out! My listeners already know this, but in case you don’t, I’m a twenty-something that somehow got sucked into the endless amounts Kennedy family information and intrigue about 10 years ago and was instantly hooked. The call to public service, the allure, the scandal, the influence that transcends time in so many facets… I couldn’t get enough; still can’t. I have read, watched, and studied hours upon hours of their history, and I found myself needing an outlet to spew it all to (turns out, most of my friends and family don’t want to hear about JFK’s Pulitzer Prize or Jackie Kennedy’s upbringing…weird right?! It’s all so interesting!). Well, it turns out, there are other people who are just as interested in their history and impact as I am…theres actually a lot of them! So, it’s been a fun journey so far. As for the podcast, they’re mostly short episodes about many various Kennedy family topics. I strive to make them accurate and factual with a ton of research before recording (although I am human and sometimes makes mistakes), and my opinions don’t make their way into the episodes often. Basically, I tried to create the Kennedy podcast I wanted to exist when I searched for one years ago. They’re a fun and quick listen from what I’ve heard from others, so I hope you’ll take a second and look it up on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or here on my website:

Well, That’s all I’m going to say here… just a little introduction. These will be sporadic posts that I write when I have a thought on a Kennedy subject. I got a lot of awesome topic suggestions from my Instagram (@kennedydynasty) of things to write about, so I’ll begin tackling that list very soon.

Thanks for reading this far, and for joining me on my very new blogging journey!


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  1. Yea! I’m so excited you decided to do this because I love your podcast. Although I am in my 50’s ( see how diverse your audience is)and have probably heard every single thing there is to know about the Kennedy’s I enjoy hearing everything 2,3,4 times and every once in awhile I learn something new. Question: Do you seem to change which Kennedy’s your interested in? In other words move onto another one after you learn everything you can about one? I started in 9th grade obsessed with Jr. back in 1981 and have moved thru pretty much all of them. I am currently researching RFK Jr. My favorite Kennedy is Jackie. Looking forward to more of your blog, podcast and Instagram!

  2. Hi Alyson…I am enjoying your podcasts and notice you commented in the blog about not posting your own opinions much. You did however, in one of your podcast episodes, come across as convinced of the “second shooter” theory. That surprises me. Have you read the book: Case Closed by Gerald Posner? IMO, having read many books on the different theories, he seems to have very plausible explanations based in science, as to the reactions JFK’s body showed in the Zapruder film. Not only that but he puts to rest many of the other issues with LH Oswald too. I’d be curious to know your opinion on this book. Thanks and keep putting your passion out there!

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