The most common question I get asked: what do I think about the assassination? Is there a conspiracy? Was it really Oswald acting alone?

So, I get some hate for saying “I don’t know”. Seems that people expect me to know every single answer of every single Kennedy topic solely because I have a platform about them. But, I’m a realist. I’m not going to be fake and pretend I have studied book after book and thesis after thesis of a particular topic if I have not—the assassination being one of those. Do I know a lot about the Kennedys? Yes, I do. Much more than an average person I’d say; if I didn’t, I never would’ve started the podcast. But, I also will never say, “I know this unproven theory for a fact”, when no one does. Do I have opinions on this? Of course! Are there others who have poured their lives into studying this one particular topic and know far more than me? Absolutely! I’ll always be honest and state the simple fact of “I don’t know it all.” I’m studying and learning more every single day. Also, personally, I like to study the life and legacy of President Kennedy more than the assassination. 

So, with that being said, I will state my opinion here and totally welcome any other opinions in the comment section; I love to hear others’ thoughts. 

Of course I’ve read books, articles, and watched documentaries on the assassination (what Kennedy fan hasn’t?), and my beliefs mostly align with a documentary called “A Coup in Camelot”. While disturbing, as anything with this topic would be, I feel it presents endless personal accounts and evidence that would be difficult to refute. I actually have purchased and watched it 3 times now, and each time I’m astounded by the events listed there. Without spoiling the entire documentary or listing out each and every detail, I will say it aligns mostly with the thought of multiple gunmen and governmental conspiracy. I’m truly not a conspiracy theorist at all, but this one I buy in to. I do, however, believe Oswald was involved. It’s really a wild watch (for instance…according to the documentary there were not one, not two…but 3 coffins shuffled around presumed to be holding Kennedy’s body, and the one Jackie rode with in the hearse was empty). I know it sounds crazy, but watch it—then tell me your thoughts. 

Although, I was recently re-watching “The Kennedy Detail”, and the agents made a point to mention how they really dislike all the conspiracy theories, and seemed to lean towards agreeing with the Warren Commission’s findings. I really hate to believe something other than what the men closest to the president that day in Dallas believe, but the theory presented in the documentary just make it difficult for me to believe otherwise. Also, I’ve heard before that Bobby and Jackie both believe there was more to it then the Warren Commission stated…

As I said…haven’t poured thousands of hours into studying this topic. But, would I bet 100 bucks that the theory on “A Coup in Camelot” is factual? Yes. Would I bet 1000 bucks? Probably not, but I’m not much of a gambler. 


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  1. Hi Alyson, of course i respect your opinion but i disagree. I have read hundred books on assassination and i am now fully convinced Warren Commission was right: LHO as lone gunman and no conspiracy.i even attended a conspiracy 3 days conferenze in Dallas in 2013 (50th anniversary) and this convinced me even more of no conspiravy🙂 best regards. Biagio

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